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NEWEST & HOTTEST trend in brow industry!


Upgrade your brows with no commitment for the look that lasts up to 6 weeks!

Proper aftercare is required to maintain gorgeous brows.

Proper brow cleanser is a must. -  But don't worry we have all the goodies!

DO NOT trim your eyebrows for a minimum of 4 weeks prior to your appointment.


Want to know Brow Lamination / Eyebrow Lift Benefits

✅Add length and volume to your eyebrows


.✅Ideal for both very thin and thick,unruly brows.


✅Eliminates those stray hairs on eyebrows that are growing down, are straight or don’t have a shape at all.


✅The result is natural looking brows with perfect shape.


✅Super easy to style ! All you need to do is to brush them up in the morning with a mascara wand.


✅Your brows will be richer in color while looking healthier.


✅No makeup, No permanent tattooing, No pain. .



What exactly is Brow Lamination/ Eyebrow Lift and how does it work?
✔️Eyebrow Lift keeps your brows looking stunning and healthy and unlike permanent brow tattooing Brow Lamination/ Eyebrow Lift is absolutely pain free.

✔️The brow is shaped and then tinted.

✔️The treatment lasts approximately four weeks and does not use ink or a permanent process whatsoever.


Brow Lamination w Tint - $95+

The “Ultimate Brow & Lash Lamination” - $260

Service includes everything lashes & brows: LASH & BROW LIFT , LASH & BROW TINT & BROW CLEANUP .

Want more nourishing alternative to a traditional Brow Tint?

Change Brow Tint to a Brow Henna tint service for additional  $25. 


- Wear no brow makeup for minimum of 6 hours

- You must have brow hairs to get this treatment

- No hair triming for 2 weeks prior to treatment

No skin abrasions or open cuts 

- Must be 18+ years old

- No water, touching or picking on your new brows for 24 hours

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