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The “EXPRESS FACIAL”: Beautiful line from Eminence including strawberries, rhubarb  & hyaluronic acid such as cleansers, serums & moisturizers to treat dehydration. Get excited for the AWARD WINNING “Strawberry Rhubarb & Chocolate Mousse Mask.
Book it as a stand alone service or simply reach out to us in order to add this TREAT to your existing service when available.


Colder days lead to dry skin.

Eminence Organics Skin Care along with Hungarian massage techniques will transform your skin for a healthy youthful glow.

Our lead esthetician Raven is ready to take your experience to another level. This is an introductory facial to a “fire & ice” Red Carpet advanced facial: spicy paprika & menthol with probiotic cools the skin for an absolute ultimate facial experience.  



We continue to stay OPEN 7 days a week

to accommodate all our clients while ensuring safe & personable experience.

Please pre book all your appointments during check out as we want to guarantee we do have a best possible date & time that fit your schedule.  

We continue to practice social distancing and

mobile check in.

Please review how to prepare for your visit here .




As we do our best to continue to bring only the best products available in the USA and import European most wanted treatments and products we want you to be patient with us as we try to keep all product in stock with worldwide supplies shortage. The demand is high & shipping costs outrages. We will be introducing slight price increase on select services & retail items. 


We made an exception to our cancelation policy. In the event you need to cancel your appointment due to COVID exposure please send us an EMAIL as soon possible.

Text messages can be missed and we do not have access to voicemail outside of business hours. 

We will do our best to fill in the spot to avoid cancelation fee.

In order to waive the same day cancel fee (charged at end of business day) we do ask for you to send us a copy of your covid test screening done within 48h  from the appointment.

For COVID related cancellations we will issue a credit towards future service ONLY with proof of a COVID test.

 Acceptable proof can be:

-  a doctors note

- picture of the COVID test appointment (date included) 

- picture of home test (date included)  

In the event the payment won’t be captured at the end of business day, the cancellation fee (equal to your appointment) may be due on your next visit

Please share with us the results prior to booking your next appointment.

With the new CDC guidelines please wait 5 days before booking new appointment If you are not getting tested.

This is to ensure the safety to our clients & the team.

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