THE ELLEEPLEX COLOUR SYSTEM FEATURES:• 8 luxurious colours (black, blue black, deep brown, light brown, honey brown, graphite, auburn and violet).• 2% – 7 VOL. colour developer ensuring safe and gentle development application of colour for lashes and brows.• 100+ applications per tube for cost effective measures.• Combined with Elleeplex “Next Gen” Re-Gen for the ultimate vitamin boost to hydrate, strengthen and protect lashes and brows – giving more fullness and depth of colour.• Superior swiss formulation.• Smudge and waterproof.• Last up to 6 – 8 weeks.We have a passion for delivering and producing superior products for the lash and brow professional. New education curriculum coming soon – stay tuned to our Instagram for latest news and updates.For best results, only the ‘NEW REGEN’ is recommended to be mixed with the lamination and tint shades. Please be advised the old REGEN will not produce the same results and should not be mixed with lotions. For more information on this please contact