Dirty hands and unconscious eyes & face touching is not a good combination. We are a huge fan of washing hands, EYES and FACE.

FIRST: Wash your eyes and face with my Tea Tree Foaming Cleanser at least twice a day. If you catch yourself touching your face – wash again. 

SECOND: Spray your eyes and face with my Hypochlorous Spray throughout the day to keep them clean.  With eyes closed, spray liberally over entire face and let air dry. Repeat.

Want to clean just your eyes? This super fun “Scrub Brush” will nicely get in between lashes and clean your eyelids for that fresh, squeaky clean feel. It will also help promote healthy growth of your lashes and minimize clogged hair follicle. 

Not sure what hypochlorous is? Here are some pearls: 
Viruses are susceptible to bleach which shares the same chlorine family as hypochlorous.
It is a non-irritating, no rinse formula
It is known to kill bacteria, fungus, and their spores
Safe to use when eyelash extensions are installed. 

WLE TeaTree foam $30
WLE Scrub brush $25
WLE hypochlorous spray $55
On this trio you SAVE $31! 

The power clean TRIO (Save $30!)



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