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How are these rods like the current Elleebana rods?

They little beauties also have the similar C curl Curvature that offers a voluptuous sexy curl to clients lashes that our current rods offer.


Storage and cleaning is the same and yes, these too will stain if you tint lashes while they are still wrapped around them.


Our tree tool sizing guide is still appropriate for sizing up these rods.

So how are the different to our current Elleebana rods?

The physical silicone product is softer, more mouldable and more FLEXible – hence the name. This supple silicone is ultra-soft, comfortable and form-fitting for so many clients eye shapes. They truly assist with the rod placement during the lifting service and what’s more is the new silicone nature now means there is no need to use adhesive on the back of the rod to hold the rod into place (from all of our test, we dare not say EVER because there may be an eye shape we haven’t lifted before 😊).


If a salon has the need to rub to remove make up from the gentle lid area, this sometimes can cause micro cuts or soft abrasions to the eyelid area, and so to then apply adhesive can see some clients comment that the adhesive can be irritative on the skin. Not needing to use adhesive any longer will reduce any discomfort from this step. Clients who also have some aversion to the use of the adhesive on the skin will also find this to be an easier service. This also aids to speed up the application time and most certainly is a game changer for salons using Elleebana.


Also what is different with the new Elleebana flex rods is that there is a rod for each eye. Meaning a Left and a Right side – this is clearly identified by the markings on the outer and inner sides of the rod where it lists the following:


SR R – Small Rod, Right side

SR L– Small Rod, Left side

MR R – Medium Rod, Right side

MR L – Medium Rod, Left side

LR R – Large Rod, Right side

LR L – Large Rod, Left side

XLR R – Extra Large Rod, Right side

XLR L – Extra Large Rod, Left side


On the packaging we have once again integrated the use of a QR code (perhaps the best things to come out of Covid is that many more people know how to use these handy codes 😊). The QR code will take you through to the following link

Elleebana Flex Rods – Combo pk

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