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Do's and Don'ts



Do wait 24hours before getting your lashes wet. This includes showering, splashing water on your face, visits to the sauna/steam room, swimming, crying, and sweating during exercise.



Do clean your lashes using color safe / extensions safe only makeup remover specially formulated for gently removing debris and oils around the eyes to prolong the life of your lashes and encourage their growth. MICELLAR water will loosen bond of the extensions, droop yoru lift or even strip down your lash tint. 























Do keep your hands off your lashes no matter how bad you want to touch them. Don’t rub, pick or pull your eyelash extensions to avoid permanent damage to your natural eyelash. Just as plucking your eyebrow hair can cause damage to the root causing it to not grow back ─ the same is true for eyelashes.


Do contact Dallash if you experience signs of irritation. Signs of irritation may appear as redness, itchiness, or swelling around the lash line, which may occur within 24 hours of the application. In case of an allergic reaction, the lash extensions might have to be removed. To avoid damage to your natural lashes, avoid removing the lashes extensions yourself. Please read on how to prepare for your appointment to minimize common allergy reaction.



Do love your lashesENJOY!


Don't use cotton swabs when cleansing your lash line. Always use a sponge applicator or a micro swab which can gently sweep across the base of your lashes without leaving behind trace fibers. After using cleansers, or when your lashes are wet from the shower, always pat them dry ─ avoid rubbing them with your towel.


Don’t excessively rub lashes or eyes while washing face. Gently pat dry. 


Don’t use oil-based eye products around or on the eyes.  Oil-based products around or on the eyes will dissolve the bonding agent of eyelash extensions, droop your lash lift. NO MICELLAR WATER.

Don’t use face wash as your lash cleanser: This will break down the bond with extensions and cause severe dryness to your natural lashes. Only color safe/ extensions safe lash cleanser should be used.

Don’t use over the counter mascaras! 

This will dry out your natural lashes if you had a lash lift done - you must use ELLEEPLEX as your primer if you choose to wear ordinary mascara.

With lash extensions the use of mascara is absolutely prohibited. If we do find a trace of mascara on your extensions we will have to remove all extensions and start with a New Set due to the chemicals include most mascaras that can affect the bond and retention.

Don’t use manual lash curlers: This will ruin your extensions and natural lashes!

It is pulling and adding stress to your lashes. at some point they simply will not grow back.

In between your lash lifts you may only use an advanced heated eyelash curler. 

Don't sleep "face down" on your pillow Avoid rubbing your eyes  too aggressively on your pillow while sleeping.

Try our SILK pillow case or "Save the face pillow".


Don’t receive acidic facials: Avoid Acidic peels such as Chemical Peels, Alpha and/or Beta Hydroxy Peels for 5 days before / after lash & brow treatments.




In order to provide exceptional service and keep you lashes healthy a use of an aftercare daily treatment is a must to keep your lashes hydrated.
ELLEEVATE -  Lash Lift Mascara by Elleebana has been designed as an everyday mascara that can be worn on lashes with or without a lash lift.  This specially formulated mascara partners with a lash lift treatment and is gentle enough to be applied immediately after a lift treatment in salon.  Elleevate mascara enhances the effect of a lash lift beautifully and glides on lashes with no clumping – just gorgeous lash enhancement. 
ELLEEPLEX - Clear Mascara treatment 
Use it as:
- primer underneath your favorite mascara
- nighttime treatment
- daytime gloss simply on the days you do not want to wear mascara.
It is a dual system and can be used on brows as well after Brow Lamination, Brow Tinting or simply to help your natural lashes & brows grow. 


Elleplex & Elleevate contains naturally occurring Keratin complex – Keratin is a strengthening protein that is naturally found in skin, hair and nails.  Keratins job is to protect and strengthen the natural lash while your client wears Elleevate or Eleeplex. You can even layer both.
Essential Amino Acids Arginine and Biotin play the important role of healing and strengthening  which speeds up the repair time and promotes healthy growth of lashes that might be damaged from wearing lash extensions, over styling or require some extra care. 
DALLASH does not encourage the use of ANY mascaras on clients who wear lash extensions and therefore this mascara is not designed for this purpose.
The use of other mascaras can cause severe dryness to the lashes. Please consider wearing Elleeplex as a primer to keep lashes hydrated if you choose to wear a mascara other than Elleevate.

Frequently Asked Questions - lash extensions

Whats the most important information about lash extensions?

All our lash extensions are semi-permanent and applied individually.

These lashes are completely safe for eyes and contact lens users.

Just like real lashes, they are resistant to water, pool chlorine, and all perspiration.

Proper maintenance is suggested to extend the life of lash extensions.

Your natural lashes shed on average every 5-8 weeks, the extensions will remain adhered through the length of your natural lash cycle.

The average person sheds 1-4 lashes per day

we recommend maintenance every 10-21days fill the eyelashes that have fallen out due their natural shedding cycle.

What is the fill policy?

Fill is required every 10-21 days. When wearing  eye makeup fill is required every 10-12 days. After 14 days extended fill may be required.NO EXCEPTIONS. Pass 4 weeks NEW SET is required.

Fill appointment is half the time of a New Set, this is why we require to see you every 10-21 days. You should remain 40-60% of lashes when you arrive for your fill appointment. When you come in with less than 30% remaining that will be considered a NEW SET. 

Can I get a fill by Dallash if I currently have extensions done from another salon?

Please understand some work can not be filled if there is any lashes stock together, improperly applied or your last lash fill has been more than 14 days ago. We do not offer mega volume fills, “D” curls or carry longer than 13mm lashes in length. 

Consultation is mandatory before scheduling a “FILL- first time at Dallash” in order to ensure proper application & to asses current stage of existing lashes. We do require current photos of existing lashes along with filled questionnaire prior to requesting a consultation. 

- no fills can be done on someone else’s work without in person consultation BEFORE booking any appointments. Actual lash appointment will be booked at check out of the consultation by the stylist performing your consultation . 

- virtual consultation can be done only by the stylist willing to work over the existing lashes upon speaking to a client seeking a first time fill at Dallash & reviewing clients photos 

- it is a ONE TIME fill only aka “lash bandaid” 

- if client would like to continue to be a Dallash client a removal and a new set is required (we do offer complementary removal with a new set for new to dallash clients wanting to make a full time switch) 

- absolutely no guarantee on retention can be made with a “lash bandaid” fill.

Request online and / or send your photos to 214-600-0053 with your name & when you are looking for a lash fill. One of our stylist will reply with our New to Dallash fill questionnaire . 

What are eyelash extensions?

Eyelash extensions are a great new way to get your lashes to look thicker, curlier, and longer! It's a cross between your natural lashes and the option of hundreds of different synthetic & mink lashes for you to choose from. Extensions come in all types of lengths thickness, colors, pretty much any style you would like, we can customize!

Who uses eyelash extensions?

Anyone in the market for a more sophisticated look.  Eyelash extensions provide a look that adds beauty and youth. They also save you time so you don't need to worry about them every day. Absolutely mascara-free. 


What are eyelash extensions made of?

The eyelashes that are being used for most eyelash extensions sets are synthetic; Synthetic Mink lashes are made of a single polyester fiber thread that not only gives them a gloss finish but a soft touch as well. Lavish Lashes Bold Minks are mix of single polyester fibers and natural goodness of natural lashes, giving you the beauty of both words: soft in touch, natural in look but yet mate finish and the curl you desire. Silk lashes are super soft with brilliant high shine, flat in design to create most stunning mascara finish.


How safe are eyelash extensions?

Eyelash extensions use a glue specifically formulated for this type of service. Some are odorless and some have a slight scent. All extensions are applied 1mm away from your skin with your eyes closed during the procedure, therefore ensuring that neither the extension nor glue comes in contact with your eyes.


How long do eyelash extensions last?

Your natural lashes shed on average every 5-8 weeks, the extensions will remain adhered thru the length of your natural lash cycle. The average person sheds 1-4 lashes per day that's why we recommend fill in appointments every 3-4 weeks to replace eyelashes that have fallen out due their natural cycle. Some clients admire the fluff full look at all times, in those cases 2 week fill appointment is recommended.

How do I care for eyelash extensions?

Extensions have an easy maintenance with simple guidelines to follow. Avoid excessive rubbing, oil-based cleansers and lotions, along with oil-based makeup removers. Small make up sponge applicators/ micro-swabs are recommended to carefully clean around the eyes.


Can I wear mascara on eyelash extensions?

The use of mascara is prohibited. It will waken the bond between natural lash and the extension. Removal and a New Set install will be required.


How do I prepare for the service?

Do not wear eye shadow, mascara or heavy concealers the day of the servicie (including prior to your service)  Please use nothing oil-based and remove all make-up. Remove contact lenses and bring your glasses.

Can I receive eyelash extensions if my lashes are tinted or dyed?

Yes. We recommend talking to your professional on what steps to take to ensure best final result for those with tined eyelashes. 

How do you remove eyelash extensions?

There are two methods:

1.  Come in and let us professionally remove them with a special adhesive remover. Please do not attempt to remove them yourself as the glue is very strong and you can damage your own lashes.

2.  Let the eyelash extensions slowly fall our by themselves. This will take about 5-8 weeks however it is not recommended as further away from the root the extension grows out the more damage it can cause to the natural lash creating severe breakage and premature loss of your natural lashes.





Frequently Asked Questions - lash lift

What is a Lash Lift?

Elleebana Lash Lift is a gentle alternative to a tradional lash perm. Processing time of only 5-15 minutes instead of 45 minutes with a regular perm. Different types and sizes of silicone rods & shields create and control the amount of lift and curl without harming the lashes. Just like with any chemical service proper conditioning in form of a LashBoost & Elleeplex treatment is recommended in order to hydrate and condition the lashes. 

This non-invasive, painless lash-enhancing method is the newest innovation in the beauty world for fuller, shapelier, natural looking lashes. 


How and where is the lift lotion applied?

Product is applied directly onto the lashes 1mm above the root of the hair. None of the product comes in contact with the skin. During the treatment a disposable applicators and brushes are used to apply the solutions. Sterile wash rinse is performed at the end of the treatment to ensure all product is fully rinsed from the lashes. 


How do I maintain my Lash Lift?
As with eyelash extensions, there are many factors that affect how Lash Lift last; following the aftercare for first 24- 48 hours and avoiding oil based skin care products will allow the lift to last through the natural cycle of your lashes which is 5 - 8 weeks.

Do not sleep on your face the night of your treatment. Do not rub, pick or pull your lashes. 

Can I wear mascara on my lifted lashes?

We recommend specialty formulated mascara that is water based to be used on your lifted lashes.  Nothing heavy or waterproof as it will have the lift droop. We recommend ELLEEVATE 3 IN 1 mascara or PROTECTIVE water based mascara. You can purchase both in our boutique or on our online store.


How do I prepare for the service?

Please do not wear mascara on your lashes or heavy makeup the day of your treatment as it may alter the results of your lash lift. Please use nothing oil-based. Remove contact lenses and bring your glasses if necessary.

Is Lash Lifting Safe For Mama And Baby?

BY ZOE MITTER from Elleebana 

Pregnancy is a wonderful time for a woman, loads to look forward to with the impending arrival of a little one. Acupuncturist and Midwife at Gold Coast University Hospital, Melissa Thompson, has caught her fair share of newborns in the delivery suite but also spends a considerable amount of time with the expecting mothers while they are pregnant and even after the delivery and during breastfeeding stages. She notes there is so much to consider both during and even after pregnancy with hormonal fluctuations within the mother’s body.

“During pregnancy, often women comment on their hair loss, structural changes of their hair or even new hair growth. These are due to either increases or decreases of hormones such as Prostaglandin and Oxytocin. There is not one simply rule to say that every woman’s hormones will behave in the same way as we are all unique and our bodies all respond to pregnancy differently” Melissa says.

“In some pregnancies, women can see hair become curlier or straighter and during breastfeeding hair can fall out. I see this, or other hair alterations in a considerable percentage of woman I care for and we can mostly attribute this to the change in hormone levels’’

It’s because of these hormonal changes that sometimes an eyelash lift might not work on an expecting or breastfeeding mother, it could also mean the processing time that is required could be longer or shorter.

If you have an expecting mother who books for in for an eyelash lift it is important to confirm if she has previously had this treatment performed with the brand that you are using. Most times if the mother has not had an eyelash lift before falling pregnant, it would be recommended to not perform the treatment without educating the client of the potential issues such as the lift not working/dropping out or over processing.

The first trimester of pregnancy is often the period of higher hormonal changes and many women are experiencing higher sensitivities during this period so Elleebana recommends avoiding performing eyelash lifts during this first trimester. Pregnant and breastfeeding mothers who do experience a reaction are not able to take antihistamines or antibiotics as these treatments can affect their child and so there are some cautions that need to be taken.

Regardless of pregnancy or non pregnancy you should always have an up to date indemnity form from your client on file that has their current medications or any developed allergies

Is lash lift safe for pregnant women
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