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How to prepare for your appointment with DALLASH
You must be 18+ years old. If 16+ years old parent must be present to sign mandatory consent.


are optional however the stylist may provide a guest with a mask to be worn for the duration of the service.. 

Masks for stylists

All stylists wear mask during the duration of the treatment since 2016 due to the intimate nature of the services and us drinking lots of coffee :)

Remove All Eye / Brow Makeup
Removing eye & brow makeup prior to your appointment will let the stylist concentrate on the application process as removing make up can be time consuming.

Stylist will cleanse the skin prior to the application making sure there are no natural oils or debris remaining. 
IF you arrive with makeup near/on the to be treated area Lash/Brow BATH will be mandatory - $5. 

Avoid wearing eye & brow makeup to your appointment.

Personalized & intimate experiences.

Early arrival - text to check in 

Please arrive 5 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment.

 Text 214-600-0053 upon arrival with your name and appointment time to let us know you are waiting in your car or use our outdoor sitting area. 

If you are unable to text us please use the doorbell.

We will get you checked in and contact you when the stylist is ready. 



  • "New Client Card"

Remember to check your email inbox for an appointment notification which it will have a link to a “CLIENT CARD” that needs to be filled out prior to your arrival for all new clients.

  • Existing clients may receive “existing client digital card’ if they haven’t seen us since March 2021.

  • You may also receive: “Day of service treatment questionnaire” specific to a service you are receiving. 

If you can’t find it, text us as soon as possible so we can resend one to you via email OR text. Check your spam folder as well.



Use "spa voice"

Our boutique spa is small to give you the most personable experience.

Please refrain from loud laughs and noises as a courtesy to others.

No Kids policy

Our stylists are unable to supervise the kids during the treatments. Please understand our policy as we can not leave the kids unattended during the treatment.

18+ years of age

You must be 18+ years of age to receive a treatment. 16+ with parent present. The parent will be asked to assist during consultation & sign a parental consent. 


Turn your phone on silent

During lash&brow appointment your eyes need to remain closed for safety reasons and comfort. It is time to relax and not to be disturbed by ringing phone. 


Dress for comfort

Wear comfortable clothes during your session. It will help optimize your special “me-time” and enhance your experience.

Avoid Caffeine/
We want you to be as relaxed as you possibly can during your visit at Dallash. Caffeine and stimulants may put you in an agitated state, preventing you from becoming still and relaxed during your appointment. Refrain from consuming caffeine and stimulants before your appointment.
Minimize Allergy Concerns
Seasonal allergy or pet allergy are most common in life. Many individuals being exposed to a known allergen are more likely to experience sensitivity to the eyelash extensions.
Please consider taking an oral and/or ophthalmic (eye) antihistamine prior to your lash appointment.

Remove Your Contact Lenses
Contact lenses need to be removed for comfort and safety. If you wear contact lenses please bring a contact lens case and saline solution to your appointment.  We recommend you bring a pair of glasses with you.  

Late Arrivals - As a courtesy to all of our guests, and in order to remain on time with our appointments, late arrivals will not receive an extension of service time and will be responsible for full service fees. In the event we can extend the time a 15 minute late arrival will have a $15 late fee added while 30 minute late arrival will have $30 late fee added.
Deposits - All deposits are non refundable. Please call to reschedule any appointments where deposit was made to reschedule. If you cancel it yourself online you will lose your deposit. 
Spa Information - For first time visits; please arrive minimum 10 minutes prior to your appointment to allow time to fill out your client/medical intake form.
Reschedule/ Cancellation Policy 
DALLASH takes pride in our ability to provide personal service to all of our clients.
We require a 24 hour cancellation/change notice.
 Same day cancellations/ changes/  no-shows/ no calls will be charged 100% for all scheduled services.
You can cancel your appointments by calling TURTLE CREEK 214-600-0053 OR NORTHPARK 972-504-4640 and leave a voicemail only during business hours. For all after hours communication please email us at To reschedule your appointment please call or email us. Leave a voice mail if needed.
Text messages will not be accepted as a form of rescheduling or cancellation as they can be missed.
Cancellations and No-shows affect us & other clients greatly and cannot be accepted without a penalty charge. By giving us your credit card information you are authorizing this charge to go onto your credit card.
If we are unable to charge the card on file the fee will be added to a future booking or it may be collected before making a new appointment.

Why Choose DALLASH?





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