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Permanent makeup for long lasting results.

Book your consultation today and let us transform your lips.

The entire process takes about 120 to 180 minutes depending on the desired lip look.


There is no down time. This PMU method uses 100% disposable needles designed for maximum comfort, fast healing, little to no touchups and undoubtedly the most natural look.

Lip Shading & Lip Color

Beautiful natural looking lips with the color you always wanted. Touch up is recommended in 8 weeks to perfect the shape and color.
120-240 minutes

8 week Touch Up

Touch up done 8 weeks form the initial appointment. 

Color Boost

Annual color boost can be done every year to every 2 years as pigment will fade over time. 120-180 minutes

Additional Session 

If fillers were used/ done in between sessions you may require additional touch up/ color boost.
120 minutes

We are now offering lip shading & lip color.


Give your lips 👄 more youthful appearance.

Can last up to 3 years. 

Color boost is recommended approximately one year after the initial session depending on a intensity of chosen color.

Lips are the face front that always attracts attention of a person you are taking to.


Every woman should pay special attention to them :)



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Book your consultation today and let us transform your eyes.