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A Lash and Brow Tint Must-Have

If you are using any of Belmacil lash and brow tints, you will need to use this activator to achieve a tint. 

The Belmacil oxydant creme is made to be used with our lash and brow tints to develop and adhere the color to your client’s hairs. The unique creamy formula creates a stabilized cream that enables the beauty professional to make a more manageable tint. The gentle formula is perfect for use on any client. The easy-to-squeeze thin-tipped bottle makes it easy to count drops of the product being mixed and reduce product waste. 

Product features:

  • 100 mls — more than 1,000 applications!
  • Activates Belmacil lash and brow tint 
  • Creamy, non-spill formula


Belmacil Oxydant Creme


    Must be licenced professional to purchase PRO supplies.

    Photo of your professional licence needs to be sent to 214-600-0053. Your order will not ship until we recieve a copy of a professional licence.

    Please text to arrange time any pick up orders.

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