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Beautiful makeup lasting 8 months -15 months

3D Brows/ Microblading technique - The most gentle and easiest way to implant pigment into the skin creating clean results.




Micrbolading = hair like stroke technique
Within 90 minute appointment technician will create perfect shape eyebrow with the most natural appearance by implementing individual hair like strokes to the brow line using a professional grade pigment. This is a two-part process. Follow up appointment is necessary 4-6 weeks as the initial pigment fades 30%-50% within first few days.
6 week Touch up is to deposit more pigment and to make any necessary corrections creating 3DBrows.

Powder Brows / Microshading
Within 90-120 minute appointment technician will use the best techniques to create symmetry using PRE DRAW creating the perfect eyebrow shape. Ombre brows will create downer / makeup like look. Follow up appointment is scheduled within 4-6 weeks. The initial pigment will lighten within first couple weeks. Touch up is to make any necessary corrections.

Combo Brows
The beauty of Microblaidng & Shading in one appointment. Hair like strokes 
along with powder like finish along the body of the brow into the tail of the brow. If you have gaps in your brow area micrboldaing will not be enough. If you pencil in your brows every day microblading on its own is not enough. Please book a consultation before scheduling an actual brow service. Follow up appointment is scheduled within 4-6 weeks at $50. 



Consultation is essential in creating the perfect brow.

We offer consultations twice a month and we book treatments twice a month.

We want to ensure that we deliver the best quality service possible using the newest techniques on the market.

Please visit our booking page for a consultation availability

It is our desire to customize the right eyebrow shape, thickness and shade using a wide range of high quality hypoallergenic EverlastingBrows pigment and sterilized needle sizes. Microblading does not require your entire eyebrow to be shaved and does not damage your natural hair. Microblading is a manual method of implanting pigment in hair-like strokes in the epidermis to create a natural hair like strokes. For fuller and/or bolder brow combo and Powder brows are here to save you.

Brows that last 8 months +. It is a two part process consists of initial session and 1-2 enhancement sessions done within 4 - 6 weeks after initial session. 



Pain is minimal. Minimal to no numbing cream is used. 

The entire process takes about 45 minutes to 90 minutes depending on We use 100% disposable needles designed for maximum comfort, fast healing, little to no touchups and undoubtedly the most natural look.