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Say farewell to those pesky interrupted lashes!

We are so excited to announce our latest product; The Elleebana Lift Lockers! Lift Lockers are uniquely designed silicone strips with a sleek curvature to perfectly secure your lashes in place while wrapped around your rods and shields. They are made of soft silicone that is flexible and moldable enough to seamlessly envelope the lashes without disrupting lashes or the lotions. This is a beneficial inclusion to our range to hold lashes in place, offering support and direction while the chemical process occurs. Just picture it: your lashes being told to "sit" and "stay" – it's like having your own lash obedience school! (#ultimatedoglover)


The Elleebana Lift Lockers combo pack has three amazing colours; orange, clear and black. Choose from an array of colours for your steps to suit your needs however to give a guide we like to use:

Orange Lift Lockers: Lock those lashes down with the orange lift lockers while the lifting lotions are processing.

Clear Lift Lockers: We all know how important lash placement is whilst the step two chemical process takes place. This is why we have designed a clear lift locker to allow an easy visual for any crossed-over lashes during the setting process.

Black Lift Lockers: If tinting on the rod/shield is your preference, utilise the black lift lockers during the tinting step! We wanted to incorporate a black colour to avoid staining the lift lockers.

Features & Benefits:

Ultra-Secure Design: Designed with state-of-the-art locking curvature that ensures a flawless fit to your lash wraps. They are the perfect complement to our beloved Flex Rods and Flex Shields, and they play nicely with other rods and shields on the market thanks to their flexible-soft silicone.

Tree Tab Grip Efficiency: Our signature logo-inspired tree tab ensures easy placement, attachment, and removal. Whether you're wearing gloves or using tweezers, the grip space allows for hassle-free application without disrupting your lash wrap masterpiece.

Durable & Long-Lasting: We always ensure to use the highest-quality materials to ensure that your products will go the distance. Follow our recommended cleaning methods, the same as you would for your silicone Flex Rods or Flex Shields, to enjoy their longevity and reliability.


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