⚜️Larger 10ml Tube, allowing for more applications.⠀
⚜️ This incredible glue is 10% stronger, helping to adhere those tricky baby lashes and help with lash detachment during your treatment. ⠀⠀
⚜️Reduce wastage! The squeeze tube reduced the chance of air being pushing in and oxidizing the adhesive, allowing you to get more product, applications, and increased shelf life after opening.⠀
⚜️You can dispense a small amount of adhesive into a glue rings or 2 in 1 mixing dish. Giving you the ability to work close to your clients when using a glue ring.⠀
⚜️Use only one micro brush per treatment, minimising the risk of cross contamination.⠀
⚜️ You can reseal the tube as soon as you dispense the required amount without continued air exposure

Squeeze tube STRONGHOLD



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